About Tuosist Newsletter

The Tuosist Parish Newsletter, Nuachtlitir Thuath Ó Siosta, is an annual magazine reflecting all aspects of life in the parish of Tuosist, Co Kerry.  It is published by a voluntary committee made up of members of the community.  The magazine consists of articles written by residents of the parish past and present, reports from local clubs and organisations and births, marriages and death reports.

Articles cover historical features; memories of members of the community of life in the past; current day accounts of farming, emigration, immigration; sporting or musical achievements; travel and nature features.  As such they provide a rich archive of historical, biographical and factual material on the Tuosist community.

The magazine was first produced in 1976 as a summary of local news for the year in a 12 page document.  In 1978 a similar newsletter followed but there was then an 18 year gap before the idea of producing a parish newsletter was revived.  Since 1996 the magazine has been published annually and has progressed to a full colour high quality document of up to 70 pages.

Production of the magazine is funded by advertisements and a cover charge.  Any excess profits are redistributed to clubs and organisations within the parish.  All editorial work on the production of the magazine is voluntary and contributors receive no remuneration.

The committee is always interested in contributors with interesting information on the area.  If you would like to submit an article please contact us

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